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Curriculum Committee Meeting Agenda -- 9/21/2007
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Friday, September 14, 2007 08:17:08 AM CDT
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  • Curriculum Operations Report Tim Stamm V. New Business a) Business & Technology/ ACCT Change of Course Title: ACCT- 221: Computerized Accounting.
  • b) Business & Technology/ ACCT Change of Course Description: Change the description of ACCT- 221: Computerized Accounting Using Peachtree to state: Hando- on instruction utilizing computerized accounting software such as Peachtree used in many medium sized businesses. e) Business & Technology/ RLST Course Revision: RLST- 263: Real Estate Appraisal/ Residential.
  • Revise course content of RLST- 263: Real Estate Appraisal to meet the latest requirements for the Louisiana Real Estate Appraisal Certification Requirements. f) Business & Technology/ RLST Change of Course Title: RLST- 263: Real ...
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