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Residency Reclassification Application Form (Form 1411/010)
Non-Louisiana Residency Reclassification Application Form - This form used to apply for residency reclassification
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  • DELGADO COMMUNITY COLLEGE APPLICATION FOR NON-LOUISIANA RESIDENCY RECLASSIFICATION Page 7/11 NAME: (Last) (First) (Maiden or Middle) STUDENT ID NUMBER: GENDER: (Male) (Female) PHONE NUMBER: DESIRED SEMESTER/YEAR LAST SEMESTER and YEAR AT OF RESIDENT STATUS: DELGADO COMMUNITY COLLEGE: ( ) FALL 20 ( ) FALL ( ) NEVER ATTENDED ( ) SPRING 20 ( ) SPRING ( ) SUMMER 20 ( ) SUMMER Based on the information you provided on your admission application, you have been coded as non-Louisiana resident for tuition ... Owning property in Louisiana, paying Louisiana state taxes, or establishing voter privileges in Louisiana do not, in themselves, qualify you for Louisiana residency.
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1411-010 Application for Non-Louisiana Residency Reclassification 8-2020.pdf
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