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LCTCS Policy 1.016 "LCTCS Cross Enrollment Policy"
Policy regarding cross enrollment between Delgado and non-LCTCS institutions.
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  • LOUISIANA COMMUNITY & TECHNICAL COLLEGE SYSTEM Policy # 1.016 Title: LCTCS CROSS- ENROLLMENT POLICY Authority: Board ActionOriginal Adoption: 11/ 14/ 01 Effective Date: 11/ 14/ 01 Last Revision: Initial LCTCS community and technical colleges are encouraged to enter into enrollment agreements which are of greatest benefit to the student.
  • This includes entry into crossenrollment and/ or dual- enrollment agreements.
  • In such cases the home institution” shall be defined as the postsecondary institution through which the student is pursuing an approved degree or related credential for the purpose of processing academic records, data collection/ reporting, and financial aid.
  • November 9, 2001
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