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Change of Student Record Form Procedures
Procedures published in Academic Procedures Manual, DM 1440.2G on August 15, 1994. Note: While these procedures are still in effect, they may reflect older titles, and therefore, are currently under revision.
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  • CHANGE OF STUDENT RECORD FORM DC 1442/The Change of Student Record Form is used to add or drop a course, to change sections, or to reinstate a student into a dropped course.
  • Use the drop code of " DA" if the student is changing courses or sections, and the drop code of " DR" if the student is reducing the total number of hours taken.
  • C. STUDENT- INITIATED DROPS All changes in the student' s schedule are processed in the Registrar' s Office after the first two weeks of class.
  • The student must complete the Change of Student Record Form.
  • The Instructor of the course section being dropped attaches the student' s request and a recap of the student' s grades and attendance record, signs the form, and submits it to the Instructor gaining ...
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