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AA-1271.1A Changes to Approved Schedule of Classes
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  • AA- 1271.1APOLICY & PROCEDURES MEMORANDUMTITLE: CHANGES TOAPPROVED SCHEDULEOF CLASSESEFFECTIVE DATE: September 16, 2003(* Title Updates 2/ 4/ 09)CANCELLATION: DCI 1271.1 (5/ 21/ 85)OFFICE: Academic Affairs (AA)POLICY STATEMENT Delgado Community College is committed to meeting the educational needs of its students and every attempt is made to adhere to the schedule of classes that is published in the semester Class Schedule.
  • PROCEDURES & SPECIFIC INFORMATION1. Purpose To publish the procedure for making changes to the schedule of classes after the Class Schedule has been submitted for publication.
  • Procedures Changing times, days, and/ or rooms after the Class Schedule is in print may result in students enrolling themselves in classes ...
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