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SA-1472.1A Athletic Events
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  • If a student athlete is excused from class to participate in an athletic event, it is his/her responsibility to make up all classwork missed while participating in these College activities.
  • PROCEDURES & SPECIFIC INFORMATION 1. Purpose To issue policies and procedures for participation in athletic events by Delgado Community College students.
  • ------------ ---, 2001 SA-1472.1A SA-1472.1A November 6, 2001 3. Guidelines A. Approval of the Athletic Schedule for each sport, including a list of all students participating in each event, will be obtained prior to the scheduled event.
  • November 6, 2001 SA-1472.2A SA-1472.2A November 6, 2001 D. The Vice Chancellor of Business and Administrative Affairs will: l Review, along with the Athletic ...
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