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SA-1475.1C Alcoholic Beverages at Student Functions
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  • SA- 1475.1CPOLICY & PROCEDURES MEMORANDUMTITLE: ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AT STUDENT FUNCTIONSEFFECTIVE DATE: December 16, 1997**( Title Updates 2/ 16/ 09; 9/ 2/ 04)CANCELLATION: DCI 1475.1B (2/ 2/ 90)OFFICE: Student Affairs (SA) POLICY STATEMENT Local ordinances, policies of the College's governing boards, and the provisions of this memorandum are strictly observed when serving alcoholic beverages at student functions that are sponsored by the College or an organization officially sanctioned by Delgado ...
  • Alcoholic beverages served on campus at student functions are to be provided ONLY by the College.
  • The responsibilities and procedures for servingalcoholic beverages at student functions are outlined in this memorandum.
  • Non- alcoholic ...
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