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Academic Appeals Committee 2023-2024
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  • Academic Appeals Committee 2011- 2012 ACADEMIC APPEALS COMMITTEE InaccordancewiththeCollege sAcademic Appeals Procedures policy, an academic appeals committee is formed from a pool of committee members to hear academic appeals.
  • Officer:Yvette Alexis, College- wide Academic Appeals Officer Co- Chairs: Jennifer Bennett, Associate Professor, Arts and Humanities Sarah Inman, Assistant Professor, Communication Deborah Skevington, Assistant Professor, Charity School of Nursing Dolores Smith, Assistant Professor, Delgado Northshore Ex- Officio Members: Lester Adelsberg, Dean, Communication Ashley Chitwood, Dean, Delgado Northshore Maria Cisneros, College Registrar Ray Gisclair, Interim Dean, Allied Health Thomas Gruber, Dean, ...
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