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BA-6313.1 Fundraising and Solicitation
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  • BA- 6313.1 POLICY & PROCEDURES MEMORANDUMTITLE: FUNDRAISINGAND SOLICITATIONEFFECTIVE DATE: July 24, 2007CANCELLATION: noneOFFICE: Business Affairs (BA)POLICY STATEMENT Delgado Community College’s Chancellor exercises control over all fundraising and solicitation efforts on behalf of the College. Internal, College- wide Fundraising Internal, college- wide fundraising, including employee and student giving campaigns on behalf of the College, are coordinated through the Office of Resource Development through the Delgado Foundation.
  • Regarding credit card issuers, the College Campus Credit Card Solicitation Act, Louisiana Revised Statutes 9: 3577.1 through 9: 3577.5 and Louisiana Community and Technical College System policy requires the ...
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