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POLICIES & PROCEDURES used internally/departmentally by Business and Administrative Affairs

klaich 10/11/18 51

Includes information regarding legislatively mandated or governing board approved fees, as well as legislatively mandated fee waivers.

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  Document BA-1260.1 Internal Control System klaich 01/12/16 256 KB
  Document BA-1260.2 Internal Auditing klaich 02/11/15 154 KB
  Document BA-1260.3A Reporting and Handling Fiscal or Related Misconduct klaich 02/11/15 232 KB
  Document BA-1320.1 Auxiliary Services klaich 06/08/12 142 KB
  Document BA-1380.1D Professional Leave and Travel

POLICY on Professional Leave and Travel in accordance with Louisiana Office of State Travel Regulations. (See PROCEDURES above for specific forms and procedural requirements.)

klaich 08/09/23 228 KB
  Document BA-1380.1D Delgado Travel Procedures

PROCEDURES regarding submission of necessary forms for employees who are travelling on behalf of the College. INCLUDES LINKS TO ALL REQUIRED FORMS.

klaich 08/09/23 263 KB
  Document BA-1710.1 Legal Counsel klaich 06/08/12 121 KB
  Document BA-2600.1A Hospitalization and Life Insurance Interim Coverage klaich 06/21/06 73 KB
  Document BA-3050.1A Donations of Movable Property klaich 09/10/18 303 KB
  Document BA-3300.1A Purchasing Procedures klaich 12/02/20 193 KB
  Document BA-3300.3 Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program

POLICY regarding Delgado's Purchasing Card Program. See "Purchasing Card Procedures."

klaich 10/11/18 1009 KB
  Document BA-3300.3 Purchasing Card (P-Card) Procedures

PROCEDURES in accordance with BA-3300.3 "Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program."

klaich 10/06/22 303 KB
  Document BA-3300.3 Purchasing Card WORKS Instructions for Entering Purchase Requests klaich 08/31/18 70 KB
  Document BA-3300.3 Purchasing Card WORKS Instructions for Signing Off on Transactions klaich 08/31/18 79 KB
  Document BA-3311.1C Contracts for Professional, Personal, Consulting and Social Services klaich 03/17/16 363 KB
  Document BA-6313.1 Fundraising and Solicitation klaich 03/15/23 206 KB
  Document Spring 2020 Student Handbook - Payment & Financial Information - Delgado Community College.pdf klaich 03/31/20 145 KB
  URL LCTCS Finance Policies

Finance Policies of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System

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