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POLICIES & PROCEDURES used internally/departmentally by Business and Administrative Affairs

klaich 04/14/15 41

Includes information regarding legislatively mandated or governing board approved fees, as well as legislatively mandated fee waivers.

klaich 08/21/06 9
  Document BA-1260.1 Internal Control System klaich 02/11/15 244 KB
  Document BA-1260.2 Internal Auditing klaich 02/11/15 154 KB
  Document BA-1260.3A Reporting and Handling Fiscal or Related Misconduct klaich 02/11/15 232 KB
  Document BA-1320.1 Auxiliary Services klaich 06/08/12 142 KB
  Document BA-1380.1D Professional Leave and Travel

POLICY on Professional Leave and Travel in accordance with Louisiana Office of State Travel Regulations. (See PROCEDURES above for specific forms and procedural requirements.)

klaich 10/29/14 248 KB
  Document BA-1380.1D Delgado Travel Procedures

PROCEDURES regarding submission of necessary forms for employees who are travelling on behalf of the College. INCLUDES LINKS TO ALL REQUIRED FORMS.

klaich 10/29/14 225 KB
  Document BA-1710.1 Legal Counsel klaich 06/08/12 121 KB
  Document BA-2600.1A Hospitalization and Life Insurance Interim Coverage klaich 06/21/06 73 KB
  Document BA-3050.1A Donations of Movable Property klaich 06/08/12 209 KB
  Document BA-3300.1A Purchasing Procedures klaich 05/15/12 378 KB
  Document BA-3300.3 Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program

POLICY regarding Delgado's Purchasing Card Program. See "Purchasing Card Procedures."

klaich 09/26/14 561 KB
  Document BA-3300.3 Purchasing Card (P-Card) Procedures

PROCEDURES in accordance with BA-3300.3 "Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program."

klaich 08/05/14 588 KB
  Document BA-3300.3 Purchasing Card WORKS Instructions for Entering Purchase Requests klaich 01/28/11 287 KB
  Document BA-3300.3 Purchasing Card WORKS Instructions for Signing Off on Transactions klaich 01/13/11 303 KB
  Document BA-3311.1C Contracts for Professional, Personal, Consulting and Social Services klaich 06/08/12 337 KB
  Document BA-6313.1 Fundraising and Solicitation klaich 04/14/15 215 KB
  Document LCTCS Policy #5.025 Tuition Discounts and Waivers

Policy of Delgado's management board, LCTCS, regarding tuition discounts and waivers granted to eligible students.

klaich 01/12/11 22 KB
  Document LCTCS Policy 5.021 Hardship Waivers of Tuition and Fees

Includes requirements for hardship appeals process for obtaining tuition waiver due to hardship caused by tuition or fee increase, as legislatively mandated.

klaich 12/01/11 15 KB