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Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9)
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  • Department f Homeland ecurity U.S. itizenship nd mmigration ervices Form -9 9, mployment Eligibility Verification Anti-D Discrimination otice.
  • Section 2, mployer: For the purpose of ompleting this form, he erm "e employer" eans ll mployers ncluding those recruiters nd eferrers oree ho re gricultural associations, gricultural employers or arm labor contractors.
  • B.f an mployee is ehired ithin three (3 3) ears f the date his form as riginally completed and the employee s still eligible o be mployed on he ame basis as reviously indicated on his form updating), , complete locknd he ignature lock.
  • see Listor ); ; 2. Record he ocument title, ocument number nd expiration ate (i if ny) n Block C, nd 3. Complete he ignature lock.
  • Department ...
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