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Curriculum Committee Meeting Agenda -- 04/29/2011
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Friday, July 8, 2011 04:12:28 PM CDT
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  • Note: ASLS- 102: American Sign Language II AND ASLS- 150: Introduction to Deaf Studies remain as prerequisites in addition to the referenced prerequisites f) Communication/ ASLS: Change of Course Prerequisite Requirement: ASLS- 235: Discourse Analysis note change of Prerequisite course number (ASLS- 204 to ASLS- 110). Page 5 r) Arts & Humanities/ MUSC Change of Course Title: MUSC- 213: Introduction to Music Literature I. Change the name of MUSC- 213: Introduction to Music Literature I from MUSC- 213: Introduction to Music Literature I to MUSC- 213: Music Literature.
  • Change the title of courses in the Minor Instrument from Minor Instrument” to Applied Music Lesson” to accurately reflect the content and purpose of the course series: ...
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