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  Document Batch Cover Work-Study Timesheets klaich 04/26/02 37 KB
  Document Bookstore Charge Form (Form 1504/002) klaich 04/26/02 27 KB
  Document Pager Contract Form

OTM Pager Contract Form for Delgado Employees

klaich 06/11/02 23 KB
  Document Reimbursement for Personally-Owned Vehicle Use (DA MV7)

State of Louisiana, Division of Administration Form Required for Reimbursement for Mileage When Using Personally-Owned Vehicle for Official College Business

klaich 03/31/03 29 KB
  URL Office of State Travel

Web site for all State of Louisiana Travel Regulations

klaich 12/18/03 0
  Document Mini-Grant Application Sample Proposal klaich 09/27/04 282 KB
  Document Departmental Wish List Application (Form 3050/002)

Application to be included in the Departmental Wish List Book, a program sponsored by the College's Development Office.

klaich 12/14/04 46 KB
  Document Financial Records System (FRS) Request for Account/Access (Form 1822/005) klaich 03/03/05 75 KB
  Document Request for Student Record Information (Form 1442/005) klaich 04/07/05 59 KB
  Document Contact Form for Resource Development

Form used by Delgado Faculty and Staff for referring contacts to the Development Office.

klaich 08/03/05 45 KB
  Document Annual Giving Employee Pledge Form klaich 02/13/06 38 KB
  Document Interim Coverage of Hospitalization-Life Insurance Form (Form 2600/001) klaich 06/21/06 41 KB
  URL W-9 Form

IRS Form W-9 - Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

klaich 11/08/06 0
  Document Educational Degree Plan (Form 1505/001) klaich 05/02/07 77 KB
  Document Appeal for Transfer-Suspension Admission (Form 1411/008) klaich 05/07/07 52 KB
  Document Violence Incident Statement klaich 05/15/07 31 KB
  Document Request for Sanitization of Data Storage Device (Form 1822/009) klaich 07/12/07 66 KB
  Document Fee Waiver Form for Minisession/Flex Course (Form 1412/007) klaich 02/20/08 30 KB
  Document Tuition Increase/ Fee Hardship Appeal Form (Form 1412/011) klaich 04/22/08 47 KB
  Document Retirement Membership Plan Disclosure Form

Form required for individuals involved in professional services contracts, in accordance with BA-3311.1C, "Contracts for Professional, Personal, Consulting, and Social Services"

klaich 03/24/09 32 KB
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