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  Document Contract for Professional, Personal, or Consulting Services (Form 3311/001) klaich 05/02/22 901 KB
  Document Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form - LCTCS

Voluntary Self-Identification ADA Form

klaich 10/11/22 756 KB
  Document Contractual Evaluation Form for Continuing Services Contracts - Performance Evaluation (OCR Form) klaich 04/24/17 725 KB
  Document Professional Information Form (for new hires) klaich 09/15/18 695 KB
  Document Louisiana National Guard Tuition Waiver Request klaich 11/03/20 694 KB
  Document Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver Request klaich 11/03/20 633 KB
  Document Checklist for Potential Graduates klaich 07/01/21 604 KB
  Document New Orleans Active Police and Firefighter Tuition Waiver Request klaich 11/03/20 571 KB
  Document Dependent of Military Personnel Tuition Waiver Request klaich 11/03/20 538 KB
  Document Dual/Concurrent Enrollment Application/ Tops Tech Early Start Application/ Supplemental Course Allocation 2015-2016 klaich 09/17/15 422 KB
  Document Academic Challenge/Appeal Form (Form 1440/003) klaich 02/13/19 361 KB
  Document Dual Enrollment Maximum Hours Waiver Form (Form 1440/004) klaich 06/09/16 320 KB
  Document Refund Request Form (Form 1143/001)

Form used by students for requesting tuition and fee refunds

klaich 04/17/21 320 KB
  Document Access Card Request Form (Form 1370/002) klaich 08/08/23 318 KB
  Document LCTCS Unclassified Staff Evaluation and Planning Form 4-23 Fillable PDF klaich 05/23/23 316 KB
  Document Residency Reclassification Application Form (Form 1411/010)

Non-Louisiana Residency Reclassification Application Form - This form used to apply for residency reclassification

klaich 08/20/20 304 KB
  Document Application for College Board AP Credit (Form 1432/003) klaich 09/01/22 292 KB
  Document Mini-Grant Application Sample Proposal klaich 09/27/04 282 KB
  Document Request to Defer or Withdraw Graduation Application (Form 1440/005) klaich 06/09/16 267 KB
  Document Requisition for Purchase (Form 3300/001) - Both Versions of Form

Includes Links to Word and Editable PDF versions of Requisition Form

klaich 04/19/13 262 KB
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