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  Document Adjunct Hiring Process klaich 12/05/14 112 KB
  Document ALL NEW HIRES: PART 2 - 'IMPORTANT INFORMATION' of Hiring Packet klaich 08/07/23 3 MB
  Document Application for Employment Form (for Adjunct Faculty Only) klaich 06/21/17 96 KB
  Document Archived - Extra Service Agreement (Form 3242/002) klaich 04/15/24 199 KB
  Document Delgado Human Resources Processes

New Human Resources Processes to include Hiring, Onboarding, Personnel Transactions, Separations, etc.

klaich 03/01/23 262 KB
  Document Human Resources Search Committee Guidelines klaich 03/01/23 260 KB
  Document Mandatory Disclosures (New Part-Time Employees) (Form 2200/003) klaich 12/11/14 113 KB
  Document NEW ADJUNCT, PART-TIME: PART 1 'FORMS' of Hiring Packet klaich 08/07/23 4 MB
  Document New Employee Quick Start Guide klaich 05/07/24 184 KB
  Document NEW FULL-TIME: PART 1 'FORMS' of Hiring Packet klaich 08/07/23 3 MB
  Document New Hire Checklist (May Be Modified by Department Head) klaich 05/03/24 100 KB
  Document NEW WORK STUDY: PART 1- 'FORMS' of Work Study Application Packet klaich 08/07/23 4 MB
  Document Personnel Action Form (Form 2200/002)

This form is required for all internal transfers, separations, and changes in salary or classification.

klaich 05/12/21 227 KB
  Document Position Control Form (Form 2200/001)

This form must be completed and approved to initiate the hiring process.

klaich 05/12/21 221 KB
  Document Public Records Request Authorization 4752081 Form Delgado klaich 04/18/23 99 KB
  Document Recoupment of Overpayments Statement of Understanding Form (LCTCS Form) klaich 09/15/17 6 KB
  Document Required Disclosures for Transferring or Rehired State Employees (2200/004) klaich 12/11/14 102 KB
  Document Staff Hiring At A Glance klaich 03/01/23 207 KB
  Document Unclassified Faculty Staff Position Description Form (Form 2200/005) klaich 02/02/22 53 KB