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  Document Parking/Driving Fees

Includes Permit/Decal Fees and Fines for Parking/Traffic Violations

klaich 08/10/10 36 KB
  Document Request for Waiver of Parking Fine - for Faculty and Staff (Form 1331/003)

Form used by faculty and staff to request waiver of parking fine for the following reasons: special guest speaker, special event, active decal/permit not visible, visitor using facilities, temporary employee/new hire/adjunct faculty member whose paperwork has not been processed, or workers unloading equipment.

klaich 04/13/12 38 KB
  Document SF-1331.1E Parking & Driving Regulations klaich 12/16/15 442 KB
  Document Traffic Appeal Application - for Students and Visitors (Form 1331/002)

Form used by students and visitors to appeal parking fine for circumstances other than those allowed for with the "Request for Waivers of Parking Fines (Form 1331/003)"

klaich 12/16/15 64 KB
  Document Vehicle Registration Form (Form 1331/001)

Form to register a vehicle on campus and to receive a Delgado Parking Permit.

klaich 08/21/14 70 KB
  URL Delgado Campus Police Parking Regulations Webpage klaich 01/12/16 0