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  Document AA-2122.2E Workload Requirements for Full-Time Faculty

Includes policy information on work hours, course load, office hours, and college obligations for full-time faculty.

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  Document AA-2122.4I Professional and Educational Requirements for Faculty klaich 05/25/23 186 KB
  Document AA-2220.1C Faculty Evaluation and Improvement of Instruction klaich 10/16/23 341 KB
  Document Responsibilities of Faculty Beyond the Classroom

In accordance with the College's Workload for Full-time Faculty policy, this document describes responsibilities of faculty beyond the classroom.

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  Document Responsibilities of Faculty Regarding Attendance and Leave

Includes attendance and leave requirements in accordance with LCTCS Policy 6.003, Leave Establishment Record and Regulations for Unclassified, Non-Civil Service Employees.

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  Document Responsibilities of Faculty Regarding Classroom Expectations, Instructional Minutes, and Evaluation of Instruction and/or Other Responsibilities

Includes information/links regarding expectations of faculty in the classroom, instructional minutes, student evaluation of instruction, and supervisor evaluation of instruction and/or other responsibilities of faculty.

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  Document Responsibilities of Faculty Regarding Evaluation of Students

Includes information on student evaluation responsibilities of faculty members.

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  Document Responsibilities of Faculty Regarding Student Attendance, Changing Sections Due to Student's Work Schedule

Includes information on faculty responsibilities regarding student attendance and students' changing sections due to change in students' work schedules.

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  Document Rights, Duties and Responsibilities of the Academic Staff

LCTCS Policy #I.1.038

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