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  Document AD-001 Mail Room Services PROCEDURES

Procedures corresponding to AD-001 Mail Room Services Policy

klaich 01/30/13 98 KB
  Document AD-004 Infectious Diseases klaich 03/06/20 90 KB
  Document AD-005 Telecommuting klaich 03/17/20 96 KB
  Document AD-007 Shared Sick Leave Program klaich 01/04/21 111 KB
  Document AD-008 Office of Marketing, Public Relations, and Communication Social Media Guidelines

Delgado Social Media Guidelines in accordance with AD-008, "Social Media," and AD.4320.1A, "External Public Relations" policy

klaich 02/10/22 221 KB
  Document AD-008 Social Media Policy klaich 02/10/22 123 KB
  Document BAA-T01 Mail Room Services POLICY klaich 01/30/13 98 KB
  Document Guidelines for COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019) Effective 3-10-2020

In accordance with AD-004 Infectious Diseases

klaich 03/11/20 83 KB
  Document Shared Leave Donor Application Form (Form AD-007-01) klaich 01/04/21 26 KB
  Document Shared Sick Leave Request Form (Form AD-007-02) klaich 01/04/21 24 KB
  Document Test klaich 03/17/20 27 KB