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  Document 2220 Examples of Faculty Goals klaich 09/06/17 221 KB
  Document 2220 Faculty Evaluation Scale klaich 04/19/18 26 KB
  Document AA-2220.1C Faculty Evaluation and Improvement of Instruction klaich 05/02/22 549 KB
  Document Additional Evaluation Form for Nursing Faculty (Form 2220/005) klaich 07/15/21 69 KB
  Document Classroom Observation Form (Form 2220/002)

Form used as part of the faculty portfolio evaluation system to document classroom observations.

klaich 08/04/17 64 KB
  Document Evaluation Calendar 2022-2023

Schedules of Personnel Evaluations for Full-time and Part-time Faculty Evaluations, Administrators and Unclassified Personnel Evaluations, and Civil Service Classified Personnel Evaluations

klaich 07/22/22 63 KB
  Document Faculty Evaluation- Sample Formative Evaluation Form klaich 09/10/12 26 KB
  Document Faculty Member's Final Evaluation Conference Form (Form 2220/003) klaich 08/04/17 68 KB
  Document Overview of Faculty Job Expectations According to Years of Service klaich 08/04/17 117 KB
  Document Preliminary Evaluation Agreement (Form 2220/001) klaich 07/15/21 68 KB
  Document Supervisor Evaluation Summary Form (Form 2220/006) klaich 07/15/21 98 KB
  Document Supervisor's Evaluation Checklist for Part-Time/Temporary Full-Time Faculty (Form 2220/007) klaich 07/15/21 74 KB