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Carl Perkins In-State & Out-of-State Travel Request Form
Form to request Carl Perkins funds for in-state and/or out-of-state travel. Save document to computer then fill out all highlighted areas. Print, have signed by approving authority and submit to Carl Perkins Compliance Officer.
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  • CP-T-1 IN-STATE/OUT-OF-STATE CARL PERKINS TRAVEL REQUEST FORM Name of Conference/Meeting: Location: Delgado Community College Estimated Cost*: College: (*Travel cost estimates shall be within State Travel Guidelines.) I. What is the purpose of this travel?
  • How will the results of this travel improve the career-technical education program related to the travel?
  • Describe how participating in this professional development activity will be used to improve the instructional programs or administration of the career-technical program?
  • Include how this will relate to improving the retention rate and the completion rate of students enrolled in a career-technical education program.
  • IV: How will the travel benefit the training received by ...
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