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  Document Assumption of Risk and Hold Harmless Agreement - Student Activities, Trips, Travel klaich 10/06/22 196 KB
  Document Authorization for Special Travel Circumstances (Form 1380/004) klaich 10/28/19 44 KB
  Document BA-1380.1D Optional Lodging Reservation Steps

Lodging Reservation Steps through State's Lodging Portal ( as referred to in BA-1380.1D Delgado Travel Procedures.

klaich 06/17/24 134 KB
  Document BA-1380.1D Professional Leave and Travel

POLICY on Professional Leave and Travel in accordance with Louisiana Office of State Travel Regulations. (See PROCEDURES above for specific forms and procedural requirements.)

klaich 06/17/24 229 KB
  Document BA-1380.1D Delgado Airline Reservation/ Fare Payment Steps

Airfare Reservation procedures as referred to in BA-1380.1D Delgado Travel Procedures.

klaich 08/27/21 160 KB
  Document BA-1380.1D Delgado Travel Procedures

PROCEDURES regarding submission of necessary forms for employees who are travelling on behalf of the College. INCLUDES LINKS TO ALL REQUIRED FORMS.

klaich 06/18/24 265 KB
  Document Currently locked by: bsmith1 Carl Perkins In-State & Out-of-State Travel Request Form


bsmith1 03/28/11 279 KB
  Document Certification of Employee Routine Field Travel Form (Form 1380/003) klaich 06/28/10 37 KB
  Document Field Travel Procedures

Excerpted from the Delgado Travel Procedures

klaich 06/17/24 184 KB
  Document Park N Fly Program - Corporate Avantage Travel Card

Louisiana State Office of Travel Program for Park N Fly Reservations, as well as Frequent Traveler Points for Free Parking

klaich 08/13/09 231 KB
  Document Secure Flight Passenger Data Program - CWT Program Information for Travelers

Communication from the state's contracted travel agency regarding Secure Flight Passenger Data Program implemented by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for air travelers. Secure Flight transitions the responsibility for pre-departure passenger watch list matching from the airlines to the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

klaich 06/11/09 223 KB
  Document State Travel Tips for Reserving Hotel Accommodations and Checking In klaich 01/25/11 99 KB
  Document Travel Process Training PowerPoint

1/19/2021 Training

klaich 09/12/22 981 KB
  Document Vehicle Rental Request Form (Form 1380/005)

Form used by employees when they prefer Controller's Office to reserve rental vehicle for authorized business travel (rather than employee reserving vehicle rental directly through Enterprise at 1-800-Rent-A-Car).

klaich 07/19/18 45 KB