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AA-1443.1A Withholding Transcripts
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  • AA- 1443.1APOLICY & PROCEDURES MEMORANDUM TITLE: WITHHOLDINGTRANSCRIPTSEFFECTIVE DATE: April 4, 1995**( Title Updates 11/ 2/ 10)CANCELLATION: DCI 1443.1 (11/ 2/ 89)OFFICE: Academic Affairs (AA) POLICY STATEMENT The policy of Delgado Community College is to withhold transcripts of students who have not met the requirements as described in this memorandum.
  • Transcripts will be issued for a student whose loan is in default if the student provides a letter from the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance stating that the student has made acceptable payment arrangements for the defaulted loan.
  • The Office of Student Financial Assistance will remove a hold placed by that office for a defaulted loan when the office is notified by the ...
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