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HR-2410.1C Compensatory Leave for FLSA-Exempt Unclassified, Non-Faculty Employees
This policy describes the College's procedures for earning and using compensatory leave. Important Note: See below LCTCS Policy #II.3.003 "Leave Record Establishment and Regulations for Unclassified Administrators and Staff" for more information on compensatory leave regulations established by the LCTCS Board of Supervisors.
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  • The Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Assistant Vice Chancellors, Executive Deans, Deans, Athletic Director, and Athletic Coaches are excluded from earning compensatory leave.
  • An employee who does not have enough compensatory leave earned will be charged annual leave in lieu of compensatory leave.
  • November 16, 1999* AD- 2410.1C(* Title Updates 8/ 31/ 11) 4 6. FormsThe following forms are designated for use in earning and using compensatory leave: For earning compensatory leave - Compensatory Leave Approval Form for Unclassified Administrators/ Staff, Form 2400/ 004 (Attachment A)For using compensatory leave - Leave Request Form (Form 2400/ 001) (Attachment B) 7. Cancellation This policy and procedures memorandum cancels Policy and ...
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