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HR-2100.3 Employee Handbook by Individual Sections 1-9

klaich 10/14/13 10
  Collection Internal Classified Staff Policies & Procedures

Internal Policies and Procedures established in accordance with HR-2130.1, "Civil Service Appointing Authority, Certification, and Internal Control," which ensures proper application of Civil Service regulations by requiring the College's internal policies and procedures that pertain to the interpretation of Civil Service Rules, policies and procedures be reviewed and approved internally as prescribed with subsequent final approval by Louisiana Department of State Civil Service.

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  Document BA-2600.1A Hospitalization and Life Insurance Interim Coverage klaich 06/21/06 73 KB
  Document BAA-L08 Grievance Procedures for Classified Employees klaich 10/08/13 248 KB
  Document HR-1412.2D Employee Tuition Exemption/Reduction Program

Describes procedures for employee tuition exemption/reduction program for eligible employees, spouses, children and dependents.

klaich 08/04/17 170 KB
  Document HR-1660.1 Charter: Delgado Unclassified Professional Association klaich 07/25/13 119 KB
  Document HR-1660.2 Charter: Delgado Classified Employees Association klaich 07/25/13 152 KB
  Document HR-1660.2 Classified Employees Association BYLAWS klaich 01/08/13 140 KB
  Document HR-2100.3 Employee Handbook as One Printable Document

See Employee Handbook Webpage:

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  Document HR-2122.5 Employment Process klaich 10/04/17 404 KB
  Document HR-2130.1 Civil Service Appointing Authority, Certification & Internal Control klaich 10/08/13 193 KB
  Document HR-2320.1 Salary Adjustments for Advanced Study klaich 12/04/14 140 KB
  Document HR-2320.3A Classified Staff Awards & Recognition Program klaich 10/08/13 423 KB
  Document HR-2410.1C Compensatory Leave for FLSA-Exempt Unclassified, Non-Faculty Employees

This policy describes the College's procedures for earning and using compensatory leave. Important Note: See below LCTCS Policy #II.3.003 "Leave Record Establishment and Regulations for Unclassified Administrators and Staff" for more information on compensatory leave regulations established by the LCTCS Board of Supervisors.

klaich 08/02/16 116 KB
  Document HR-2532.1 Employee Drug Testing klaich 11/06/17 166 KB
  Document HR-2533.1 Record Searches for Employment Purposes klaich 03/07/18 237 KB
  Document HR-2534.2 Grievance Procedures for Unclassified Administrators and Staff klaich 12/19/12 195 KB
  Document HR-4310.3A Responsible Employee Use of Alcohol at College Functions klaich 07/28/10 51 KB
  Document SF-1733.1A Violence in the Workplace klaich 04/10/13 582 KB
  URL Delgado Human Resources Office Website

A Direct Link to Delgado's Human Resources Website

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