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  Collection Student Fees

Includes information on all student fees including: Academic Enhancement Fee, Academic Excellence Fee, Application Fee, Building Use Fee, Student Technology Enhancement Program (STEP) Fee, Operational Fee, and Registration Fees

klaich 11/15/07 17
  Document BAA-G02 Legislatively Mandated Tuition and Fee Waivers & Tuition and Fee Waivers for Active City of New Orleans Police Officers and Firefighters klaich 10/10/19 95 KB
  Document BAA-G03 Tuition Increase/ Fee Hardship Appeals klaich 08/10/16 120 KB
  Document Board of Regents Policy on Reservist and National Guard Mobilization/Activation for Louisiana Public Higher Education Institutions (Policy 2.3.1)

Current policy for Delgado students regarding activation/mobilization of military status. Explains the processes for students to withdraw, recieve an Incomplete grade, and/or re-enroll as a result of being called to active duty.

klaich 09/25/07 24 KB
  Document Legislative Tuition/Fee Exemptions

A list of each legislative mandated tuition/fee exemption and its corresponding Louisiana Revised Statute. These tuition/fee exemptions are available to those who demonstrate eligibility and are not subject to the approval of a scholarship committee.

klaich 05/23/14 102 KB
  Document Scholarships for Native American Students (LRS 47:464:78)

Information on scholarships available to Native American Students through the Louisiana Governor's Office of Indian Affairs.

klaich 07/28/09 20 KB
  Document Senior Citizen Tuition Exemption

Governing board policy pertaining to tuition exemptions for senior citizens age 60 or over.

klaich 05/08/13 67 KB