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  Document Personal Printer Aquisition and Usage Directive - April 29, 2008

Directive issued by Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Affairs and disseminated via faculty/staff email on April 29, 2008. Directive is in compliance with State of Louisiana Information Technology Bulletin 03-12, which provides direction on the acquisition and usage of personal inkjet and personal laser printers by comparison to the use of shared workgroup devices.

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  Document LCTCS Policy 7.002 Use of Technology Resources Policy Statement klaich 08/26/09 40 KB
  Document IT-1822.1E Technology Services - Priority Service Level Requirements

Outlines priority service level requirements for technology requests in accordance with IT-1822.1E

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  Document IT-1822.1E Technology Services klaich 06/08/12 205 KB
  Document IT-1822.3 Transfer and Disposal of Electronic Media and Devices klaich 10/12/16 173 KB
  URL LCTCS Information Technology Policies

Information Technology Policies of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System

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  Document Delgado Technology Strategic Plan 2018-2023 klaich 07/03/18 3 MB
  Document IT-1370.4 Information Technology Security klaich 08/09/22 88 KB
  Document IT-1370.4 Delgado Information Technology Security Policy

IT Security Policy developed in accordance with IT-1370.4 "Information Technology Security"

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