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Procedure updates as approved by the Academic Affairs Council; original publication as Academic Procedures Manual, DM 1440.2G

klaich 08/04/20 18
  Collection FACULTY HANDBOOK (Faculty Resources Guide)

On-line Guide for Faculty, which includes updated policy references for information originally published in the College's "Faculty Handbook" AA-1275.1F.

klaich 02/16/16 7
  Document AA-1210.2KK Operational Guidelines 2021-2022

Printable "PDF" version of complete (124-page) Operational Guidelines 2020-2021

klaich 04/27/22 1 MB
  Document AA-1431.3 Academic Advising Procedures Guide

Procedures in accordance with AA-1431.3 "Academic Advising"

klaich 08/04/20 971 KB
  Document Academic Challenges and Appeals

Formerly AA-1440.4B, Transferred to "Academic Challenges and Appeals" Section of Academic Procedures Guide

klaich 08/04/20 688 KB
  Document AA-2220.1C Faculty Evaluation and Improvement of Instruction klaich 05/02/22 549 KB
  Document AA-1451.1B Library Collection Development klaich 09/17/14 444 KB
  Document AA-1620.1C Charter: Council on Planning and Assessment klaich 02/06/18 348 KB
  Document AA-2230.3 Emeritus Titles klaich 01/17/19 336 KB
  Document AA-1210.1F Planning and Assessment klaich 09/14/18 328 KB
  Document AA-2230.2A Endowed Professorship Award klaich 09/18/19 289 KB
  Document AA-2321.1I Promotion Process Guidelines (Procedures for implementing policy AA-2321.1I, "Promotion-in-Rank") klaich 08/11/21 281 KB
  Document AA-2534.1C Grievance Procedures for Faculty klaich 08/01/17 276 KB
  Document AA-1510.1A The College Curriculum klaich 08/27/21 270 KB
  Document AA-1503.1A Master Syllabus klaich 08/08/19 267 KB
  Document AA-1520.1 Intellectual Property Rights klaich 09/29/15 265 KB
  Document AA-2322.1 Meritorious Commendation klaich 08/11/21 242 KB
  Document AA-2122.4I Professional and Educational Requirements for Faculty klaich 04/25/22 242 KB
  Document AA-2123.1E Staffing for Summer Session klaich 04/29/14 229 KB
  Document AA-1504.1B Textbook/Course Materials Adoption klaich 05/11/22 227 KB
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