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  Document Delgado General Admissions Policy Statement Effective Fall 2017 klaich 08/04/20 18 KB
  Document Board of Regents Policy on Reservist and National Guard Mobilization/Activation for Louisiana Public Higher Education Institutions (Policy 2.3.1)

Current policy for Delgado students regarding activation/mobilization of military status. Explains the processes for students to withdraw, recieve an Incomplete grade, and/or re-enroll as a result of being called to active duty.

klaich 09/25/07 24 KB
  Document SA-1632.1 Charter: Committee on Athletics klaich 10/05/15 29 KB
  Document SA-1640.4 Charter: Committee on College Campus Ministry klaich 10/05/15 69 KB
  Document SA-1431.2 Career Development Services klaich 01/18/13 88 KB
  Document SA-2530.2A Student Grievance Procedures Flow Chart

Flow chart in accordance with SA-2530.2A, "Student Grievance Procedures

klaich 01/18/22 92 KB
  Document SA-2530-2A Academic Student Complaint Procedure klaich 01/18/22 94 KB
  Document SA-1640.5 Charter: Committee on Student Organizations and Activities klaich 08/30/17 96 KB
  Document SA-1465.1 Health Services klaich 03/15/23 98 KB
  Document SA-1475.1C Alcoholic Beverages at Student Functions klaich 01/18/13 106 KB
  Document SA-1479.1 Anti-Hazing klaich 10/31/19 131 KB
  Document SA-1476.1 Student Media klaich 01/18/13 131 KB
  Document SA-1478.1 Student Representation on Committees klaich 01/18/13 133 KB
  Document SA-1462.1 Student Employment Services klaich 01/18/13 136 KB
  Document SA-1468.1 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Student Accessibility klaich 09/27/22 142 KB
  Document SA-1442.2B Student Records klaich 09/12/22 146 KB
  Document SA-1640.3 Charter: Committee on Special Needs and Health Services klaich 04/15/24 152 KB
  Document SA-1448.1D Student Judicial Code's "Behavioral Intervention Team Procedures"

PROCEDURES used for assessing threat of DISTRESSED PERSONS, in accordance with 1448.1D "Student Judicial Code"

klaich 05/20/21 160 KB
  Document SA-1467.1A Veterans Affairs klaich 01/18/13 163 KB
  Document SA-1626.1D Charter: Committee on Scholarships and Financial Assistance klaich 12/09/16 168 KB
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