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  Document Amendment to Contract Between State of Louisiana and Contractor - Sample Amendment Form klaich 10/27/20 917 KB
  Document Contract for Professional Services ATTACHMENT 1 (STATEMENT OF WORK) to Form 3311/001 klaich 10/27/20 15 KB
  Document Contract for Professional, Personal, or Consulting Services (Form 3311/001) klaich 05/02/22 901 KB
  Document Contract Review - Agency Request Form - Civil Service Form

Form required by the Louisiana Department of State Civil Service to address the nature of the relationships with employees of the College that may be established as a result of a proposed professional services contract of $20,000 or more.

klaich 04/27/18 39 KB
  Document Contracts for Professional, Personal, Consulting and Social Services Sample Certification Letter klaich 09/25/18 17 KB
  Document Contractual Evaluation Form for Continuing Services Contracts - Performance Evaluation (OCR Form) klaich 04/24/17 725 KB
  Document Forms - Contracts for Professional Services klaich 10/06/22 42 KB