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AD-1410.1A Repair of Personal Property
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  • AD- 1410.1APOLICY & PROCEDURES MEMORANDUMTITLE: REPAIR OF PERSONAL PROPERTYEFFECTIVE DATE: March 17, 1995*(* Title Updates 4/ 18/ 07)CANCELLATION: DCI 1410.1 (4/ 2/ 90)OFFICE: Administrative Affairs (AD) POLICY STATEMENTNo operating unit of the College may perform repairs to personal property.
  • Student property is defined as property ownedby a student or property for which a student claims responsibility. AD- 1410.1AMarch 17, 1995 2 4. Agreement to Use Student Property for Educational Purposes Student property may be used only for a course in which a student is enrolled with the knowledge and consent of the instructor.
  • If student property is used in a course, the College is not responsible for the property.
  • In order to use student ...
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