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POLICIES & PROCEDURES used internally/departmentally by Business and Administrative Affairs

klaich 04/14/15 47
  Document 1220-2A Policy and Procedures Development Review and Approval - College PPM Flowchart klaich 08/31/13 90 KB
  Document 1220-2A Policy and Procedures Development Review and Approval - Internal PPM Flow Chart klaich 08/31/13 38 KB
  Document AA-1468.1 Office of Disabilities Services -Service Providers Handbook klaich 10/12/16 308 KB
  Document AD-1220.2A Policy & Procedures Development, Review, and Approval klaich 05/01/12 276 KB
  Document AD-1240.2A Record Retention Program klaich 09/09/16 408 KB
  Document AD-1240.2A Delgado Record Retention Schedule (Attachment to AD-1240.2A) klaich 12/04/15 1 MB
  Document AD-1240.2A Delgado Records Retention Program Responsible Units (as per Policy AD-1240.2A) klaich 09/09/16 138 KB
  Document AD-1410.1A Repair of Personal Property klaich 06/08/12 98 KB
  Document AD-1468.1 Persons with Disabilities klaich 02/01/16 155 KB
  Document AD-1468.1 Persons with Disabilities - Service Animal Procedures

Office of Disability Services procedures for Service Animals

klaich 01/16/14 108 KB
  Document AD-1468.1 Persons with Disabilities - Faculty and Staff Guidelines: ADA Rights and Responsibilities klaich 03/16/16 280 KB
  Document AD-1623.2A Charter: Committee on Multiculturalism and Diversity klaich 06/08/12 228 KB
  Document AD-1732.1 Sexual Harassment klaich 06/08/12 171 KB
  Document AD-1732.2 Discrimination klaich 09/12/16 172 KB
  Document AD-1823.1A Internet Web Pages klaich 01/07/14 361 KB
  Document AD-4223.1 Public Service klaich 06/08/12 86 KB
  Document AD-4310.1A On-Campus Events & Functions

Includes separate procedures for use of facilties by internal departments/groups and by external organizations.

klaich 05/23/13 318 KB
  Document AD-4310.2 Naming Policy klaich 06/18/14 281 KB
  Document AD-4310-1A Procedures for On-Campus Events and Functions

Procedures in accordance with AD-4310.1A "On-Campus Events and Functions" Policy

klaich 12/07/16 315 KB