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  Document AA-1273.1A Determination of College Catalog for Graduation Requirements klaich 02/26/13 100 KB
  Document AA-1414.1A Graduation with Honors klaich 02/18/09 27 KB
  Document AA-1438.1 Articulation Agreements with Other Institutions klaich 10/16/18 138 KB
  Document AA-1440.3A Discontinued Major klaich 05/21/12 150 KB
  Document AA-1443.1A Withholding Transcripts klaich 11/02/10 31 KB
  Document AA-1455.1 Computer Learning Laboratories klaich 05/17/10 32 KB
  Document AA-1503.1A Master Syllabus klaich 08/08/19 267 KB
  Document AA-1504.1B Textbook/Course Materials Adoption klaich 05/11/22 227 KB
  Document AA-1510.1A The College Curriculum klaich 08/27/21 270 KB
  Document AA-1620.2 Charter: Committee on College Catalog klaich 04/14/21 67 KB
  URL LCTCS Academic Policies

Academic Policies of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System

klaich 03/19/18 0
  Document AA-1620.3A Charter: Committee on Program Review klaich 03/16/17 29 KB
  Document AA-1620.4A Charter: Committee on General Education Assessment klaich 10/26/16 99 KB
  Document AA-1621.1C Charter: Committee on Faculty Evaluation & Improvement of Instruction klaich 10/04/15 39 KB
  Document AA-1622.1D Charter: Committee on Curriculum klaich 10/26/16 179 KB
  Document AA-1625.1D Charter: Committee on Academic and Admission Standards klaich 10/05/15 217 KB
  Document AA-1630.1 Charter: Committee on Commencement klaich 10/05/15 60 KB
  Document AA-1634.1A Charter: Committee on Faculty and Staff Professional Development klaich 10/05/15 77 KB
  Document AA-1637.1 Charter: Committee on Excellence in Teaching klaich 10/05/15 92 KB
  Document AA-1650.1 Advisory Committees/Boards klaich 03/16/17 101 KB
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