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  Document BA-2600.1A Hospitalization and Life Insurance Interim Coverage klaich 06/21/06 73 KB
  Document BAA-L08 Grievance Procedures for Classified Employees klaich 10/08/13 248 KB
  Document COVID-19 Temporary Virtual Work PROCEDURES for Non-Faculty Employees: Effective Dates January 3 - 30, 2022 klaich 12/31/21 160 KB
  Document Delgado Employee Benefits Summary klaich 08/24/22 173 KB
  URL Delgado Human Resources Office Website

A Direct Link to Delgado's Human Resources Website

klaich 06/17/09 0

HR-2100.3 Employee Handbook by Individual Sections 1-9

klaich 10/14/13 10
  Document HR-1412.2D Employee Tuition Exemption/Reduction Program

Describes procedures for employee tuition exemption/reduction program for eligible employees, spouses, children and dependents.

klaich 09/09/19 166 KB
  Document HR-1660.1 Charter: Delgado Unclassified Professional Association klaich 07/25/13 119 KB
  Document HR-1660.2 Charter: Delgado Classified Employees Association klaich 07/25/13 152 KB
  Document HR-1660.2 Classified Employees Association BYLAWS klaich 01/08/13 140 KB
  Document HR-2100.3 Employee Handbook Table of Contents (as one document with links to all sections)

See Employee Handbook Webpage:

klaich 02/11/22 89 KB
  Document HR-2122.5 Employment Process klaich 08/08/18 34 KB
  Document HR-2122.6 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Employee/Public Accessibility klaich 09/27/22 180 KB
  Document HR-2130.1 Civil Service Appointing Authority, Certification & Internal Control klaich 04/26/22 92 KB
  Document HR-2320.1 Salary Adjustments for Advanced Study klaich 11/30/18 201 KB
  Document HR-2320.3A Classified Staff Reward & Recognition Program klaich 09/18/19 328 KB
  Document HR-2320.3A Classified Staff Reward & Recognition Program Annual Report klaich 09/18/19 164 KB
  Document HR-2410.1C Compensatory Leave for FLSA-Exempt Unclassified, Non-Faculty Employees

This policy describes the College's procedures for earning and using compensatory leave. Important Note: See below LCTCS Policy #II.3.003 "Leave Record Establishment and Regulations for Unclassified Administrators and Staff" for more information on compensatory leave regulations established by the LCTCS Board of Supervisors.

klaich 01/03/23 95 KB
  Document HR-2532.1 Employee Drug Testing klaich 06/12/19 220 KB
  Document HR-2533.1 Record Searches for Employment Purposes klaich 03/07/18 237 KB
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